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Iceotope Series
The glass Iceotopes go through an involved process. First, glass that has been recycled by stripping off excess glass from a hot gather is reclaimed, sized, sorted, and placed on a kiln shelf in a garage to slowly bring up the temperature of the glass. The basic structure of the vessel is then formed. While the piece is still on the blowpipe, the vessel gets a good overall heat. Then the kiln shelf is brought over to the reheating chamber and also given an overall heat. The vessel is then rolled over the recycled glass, picking up loose Iceotopes.

The vessel is given another heat and then the Iceotopes are straightened and I make sure they are firmly attached to the vessel. The overall piece is then torched up to five times to soften any sharp edges. Once the Iceotopes are stabilized, the bottom of the vessel is flattened and transferred to a punty where the lip will be opened.

Amethyst Gooseneck Iceotope with Dicro face