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What is a Battledore?
Battledore is an archaic term for a paddle that was used to shape hot molten glass. While glassblowers still use wooden paddles, the term battledore has fallen out of use. ​

After a lifelong interest in Early American free-blown glass, my wife gave me a glassblowing class for my birthday. I decided right then, "if not now, when" and have been blowing glass ever since. As I was a collector of old glass long before I became a glassblower, I thought using an old glass term for my "moniker" felt right. And it sounds cool too...

I have been very fortunate to have worked with a host of very talented glassblowers over the years giving me a priceless education. I continue to take classes as well as work with beginning glassblowing students in this rewarding, and often humbling craft. I spend most of my time working out of the Banana Factory Glass Studio in Bethlehem PA.

Jeff Waterhouse
Goose Neck