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  • Ornaments
  • Pumpkins
  • Glass Flowers
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  • Feathered Threading
  • Amalgamations
  • Early American Styled Pieces
What is a battledore...

After a life long interest in Early American free-blown glass, I decided a few years ago "if not now, when" and have been blowing glass ever since. As I was a collector of old glass long before I became a glassblower, I thought using an old glass term for my "moniker" felt right. And it sounds cool too...

I am continually taking classes to develop new skills but I also have begun to sell my pieces at a number of Fine Art and Craft shows throughout the year. I usually have an assortment of vases, bowls and seasonal items like Christmas Ornaments and Pumpkins for sale. I also like to blow more historical designs like lily pad style bowls, devil fire paperweights and glass powder horns.

Jeff Waterhouse
Battledore Glassworks
Whitehall, PA

Battledore is an archaic term for a paddle that was used to shape hot molten glass. While glassblowers still use wooden paddles, the term battledore has fallen out of use. 
Dennis, Brian, Michelle and I working with the Band Echosmith to "make your own ornament" at ArtsQuest's Christkindlmarkt.