I have continued to work on a number of different types of pieces this year with an emphasis on larger work. I continue to create murrini as well as a new "wave" series of pieces. I also spent a good part of the first few months of 2016 working on goblets. 
Click on the photos to the right to see larger images.

Jelly Fish Paperweight
Triple incalmo, black with center murrini. SOLD
Another nice amalgamation piece
Murrini vase
Iridescent wave series flat vase. Green interior. Sold
Iridescent wave series tall vase with green interior. SOLD at GlassBlast
Working on large amalgamation piece.
Wedding goblet box
Goblets for my son's wedding.
Tall iridescent wave series vase with purple interior
Prototype Springhouse Brewery skull glasses - Sold
Black iridescent jack-in-the-pulpit vase. SOLD
Multi colored amalgamation vase
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